Book an Appointment

Standard Bookly Form with drop-down menus for customer to select location, service, and staff memberĀ (works)

Shortcode used: {bookly-form hide=”categories,date,week_days,time_range”}

[bookly-form hide=”categories,date,week_days,time_range”]


Bookly Form with location, service, and staff member pre-selected so the user should be shown a calendar to select a date for their appointment to eliminate Step 1 in the form (does not work)

NOTE: This shortcode DOES work if logged in to the site. But if not logged in, the shortcode just produces the loading icon.

Shortcode used: {bookly-form location_id=”1″ category_id=”1″ service_id=”1″ hide=”locations,categories,services,staff_members,date,week_days,time_range”}

[bookly-form location_id=”1″ category_id=”1″ service_id=”1″ hide=”locations,categories,services,staff_members,date,week_days,time_range”]